Beginer Poker

“Texas Hold’em is the most common and easy to learn variant of poker. It’s where the most players play and the most money is played: the main tournament of the 2006 WSOP World Championship brought the winner $12 million. In online tournaments, the record number of participants is more than 200,000 people!

In Hold’em can play tournaments and just for money (cache). At the table sits from 2 to 10 people.

In the game for money, winning the handout, you take the bank (money put in this handout players). In tournament poker one handout does not solve anything and the goal there is to win as many chips as possible (optimally all of them) and take a high place with good prizes.

In any case, the game consists of a lot of passes, which can be won in two ways:

  • to stay in the game when other players have dropped their cards (refused to accept your bets),
  • to compare the combinations and show the strongest.

The game of Texas poker online is interesting and for free chips, but really only plays for money. For beginners, the game is played with symbolic amounts at bets of 2-4 cents and above, when the table can sit with 20 cents. Maximum practical limits are not limited, you can play poker on the Internet without problems at bets of $ 50-100 and more.

The game is played with a classic 52-card deck without jokers.


Immediately playing players are given 2 closed cards, and the other 5 cards are opened in the center of the table gradually (3+1+1) and used by all players to make combinations. Thus by the end of distribution 7 cards are accessible to the player, but it is possible to use 5 cards for a combination, i.e. Hold’em – game on five best of seven possible cards.

According to the rules of online poker “Texas Hold’em” before handing out cards are made two mandatory bets or blinds (blinds – blind), so that immediately on the table there was money for which will fight. The first player to the left of the dealer is called the “Small Blind” (SB), he must bet half a bet or 1 cent in a game denoted as $0.02/$0.04. The next big blind (“Big Blind” or BB) he must place a full bet or 2 cents.

Card Dealer: Players take turns in the game, the Dealer is marked with a circle called Button, usually with a “D” on it. Cards are dealt one at a time in a clockwise direction. Players take turns clockwise starting with the Button, so the button is the last one to speak. Texas Hold’em Poker – a game in which a player’s position seriously affects his abilities – the later you decide what your opponents have done, the better, so the position of the Button is very important.

Start of Betting (Preflop): Since the blinds are forced bets, the player has the first word after the big blind. He can say “Fold” and drop the cards (losing the money invested in this distribution), make a “Call”, i.e. the same bet as BB (2 cents in our example) or he can “Raise” and raise the bet by betting 4 cents. Now, we are considering a variant of poker with fixed bets, which is recommended for beginners. In Unlimited Poker the bets are unlimited.

In this round of bidding, the blinds are the last to speak. Now “diverf1” can deliver 1 cent and compare bids, drop your cards or raise. Either way, then there will be the word “PokrHontasQQ”. In subsequent rounds of bidding, the last person to bid is the player on the Button, and if he is already out of the game (has dropped his cards), the one sitting in front of him.

  • Flop: When the first betting round is finished, the dealer hands 3 cards to the center of the table. The word is given to the first person in the game after the surrender. Trading follows the same principles and rules as in the first round (on the preflop).
  • Turn: Map four. The trade is the same, but the minimum bet is 2 times higher than before and if it’s a $0.02/$0.04 game, it means 4 cents.
  • River: Fifth (last) map. Bets are the same as on the thorn, i.e. 4 cents.
  • Showdown: When the bets on the river are equal or there are no bets (all said “check”), the players open the cards and the best combination takes the pot.
  • Showing cards at the autopsy: according to the rules, the first to open their “aggressor” – who made (raised) the bet on the river. In return, the other player(s), seeing that they have lost, can simply drop and not show their cards. If no one has made a bet, the order of the opening is determined in a clockwise direction, starting from the first player’s dealer.

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