Here’s a casino chip in front of you, the nominal value of that chip is $100,000. For some it’s one of the chips that came down in the evening, for others it’s a fortune.

Meanwhile, such chips are quite interesting and even advanced things. You bet, such value!

Chips are used in casinos as local game currency. They are more convenient to use as bets than packs, and even suitcases of paper notes. One $100,000 chip replaces a stack of 10 packs of $100 banknotes.

It is very interesting how the chips protect against counterfeiting. Usually they are made of clay, recently often from a special composite clay, and each casino uses a different composition for each type of chips with special additives. Chips of large denominations (from $ 25 thousand) have a larger size and are called klaki.

Tracks have serial numbers and recently began to embed special identifiers based on RFID chips. This allows you to track all the movements of expensive chips in real time, while the central computer of the casino knows exactly where each of the chips of high denomination at the moment and eliminates the appearance of unnecessary counterfeit chips in the system. Even if the cybercriminals manage to fake the chip in such a way that it will have the same radio chip and it will be recognized by the system as its own, the computer will immediately see that there is another such chip and immediately respond to the security service. It’s the perfect system!

In this way, the casino protects itself 100% against fraud by players who theoretically could bring in their pockets ideal counterfeit chips and exchange them for money at the cash desk. But it is strictly forbidden to take the chips outside the casino – if they are not exchanged, the casino reserves the right to cancel them and then the player will have a piece of painted clay worth several tens of thousands, if not a hundred thousand dollars.

The photo below shows a man holding $1,000,000 in the form of crybabies of the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas. An hour later, there may be nothing in the same palm. Or maybe there’s a small bag of cash. Millions of dollars, like $5. It’s Vegas!

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