General name of the combination consisting of three maps of equal rank – Trips.

For example,

three Aces, three Jacks or three Sixes. In this case, a Troika can include absolutely any cards – general and pocket cards, in any number. Although, the correct name used in poker rooms and casinos is Three of the same type. But the term Troika is well-established among online poker players and is even actively used in official sources and educational literature.

The thing is, a trip in poker is a very recognizable hand. Any paired board, especially if it’s dry and small, with little explainable activity of the opponent will allow to put the presence of a tripse. Therefore players even with a top pair and a top kicker in poker are much more careful in this situation. Therefore, a tripse in poker is rare when it has a high EV in poker.

Of course, a lot depends on the ability to read your opponent, the history of the game with him. But, in any case, having a trip, it’s quite difficult to force the opponent to invest significant money in the bank. However, this is not the weakest point of a tryps combination in poker.

The vulnerability of a tripse is that it can be hit by the same tripse, but with a stronger kicker. This is especially true of ace-thrips. So with a weak kicker, the best option is to raise the stakes in poker. If your hand is strong, you are more likely to win, if not, you are more likely to encounter a raze or a raze and drop your weaker trip.

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